Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wedding planning sucks!!!!

OK well we're about 4 months or so away from the big day and we're not anywhere being close to where I want us to be.

I have my dress ordered and have to pick up in June.

We have the location for our wedding and reception picked out.

We booked my cousin to be our photgrapher

And we have a judge to marry us.

Thats about it. Really.

I still have to order all my ceremony stuff online. Order some stuff out of a magazine. Get my bridesmaid dress( that is planned though), get Ryan's tux and his best man's, plan eveything for my entrance, buy my ring, look at rings, order my flowers, order my cake, start on invataions, talk to my flowergirls mom, talk to my hair lady, rent chairs and tables, get all the address we need, and plan decorations.

I'm sure i forgot something in there but oh well you get the point.

I added 2 new things i'm ordering online. I have the other stuff on a older post. We're not doing a ring bearer anymore cuz we figured it be cheaper so we're not getting the pillow. but we're getting the guestbook and the toasting glasses as well now. Here is what they look like:

But anyways I'm starting to stress the hell out! Ryan isn't being much of a help. He says he doesnt care what we do but i know him well enough that if i buy someting and he doesnt like it he will flipout. Trust me i know. He never feels like planning either. but he is starting to get into it more. i just have to make sure i dont pressure him all the time about it cuz then he does blow up.