Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I now have the belt!

The yellowbelt is finally MINE! Here are some pics from the night.

This is Master Bryant, me , and Mrs. Bryant(Shelbie) after I got my belt.

This me bowing to Mrs. Bryant after receiving my belt.

This is me getting my belt.

This is me waiting to get my belt during the little kid class. We got our belts along with the little kids who tested too, explaining why I'm with the little kids. I haven't felt that tall in along time. Can you pick me out?

This is when I was about to lose the white belt. I still have it though hanging on my wall. :D

Getting yellowbelt tied by Master Bryant.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

nevermind...not moving

Well we're won't be moving after all.
After buying my dress we were completely broke and we figured it would only get worse the closer we got to our wedding. So we figured that instead we wouldn't move till after we were married and just use the money towards the wedding.
It sucks but a goodthing at the sametime. I really am getting sick of my parents house though and I feel like I will be stuck there forever!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Trip to Boise

Well when we went to Boise to get my dress we met up with Ryan's family for dinner. Lets just say when Ryan, his brother Zach, and I get together we can manage some pretty funny pics. It was a pretty fun night though.

I guess Ryan thought it be a good idea to get a close up of me. I don't think he thought about me glowing though. And I look like crap! OMG I didn't even notice till now!

Heres Ryan and Zach in Spencer's showing their "Irish" side.

This pic is my fav. If you really look, you can tell that a M&M fell out of Zach's mouth(its by his chin in the pic). The picture caught it mid-air(its blue). The M&M actually ended up falling on my arm.
This is Zach reaction to the picture with the M&M.

Here are some pics with Zach and I.

We also took some pics at IHOP the next morning.

Dress shopping!

So this last weekend my mom, Ryan, and myself went to Boise and I ordered my wedding dress. It came down to 2 dresses so Ryan came in a told me his opinion. Yes I know he wasn't suppose to see the dress but I don't care I needed help. I picked the dress I had in mind going in. So in the pics the dress has red in it, but my dress will have a clover green instead.

If you look by the mirror where you can see Ryan, there is a clover ribbon there. That is the color the red will be in my dress.

The train is what sold me.

The veil cost way more then I wanted to pay for but my mom kept saying I have to have that one cuz it matched the dress so well. So needless to say I dropped $160 on a veil. How stupid was I. In all the pics I don't look super happy but I was. I had just been trying on dresses for 2 hours and standing in this one for the most part and I didn't sleep good the night before so I was ready to get everything done with. And I also look really stumpy due to the fact I wasn't wearing any shoes and I was slouching(?) by being tired. DAMN I make up a lot of excuses. At least I can say I got the reaction I wanted from Ryan. lol. He said I looked gorgeous. But his main worry is that the lace up back will take forever to get me out of.

I ate so much food while I was in Boise I won't be surprised that my dress won't fit me when I get in June. I guess I'll have to start working out even harder.:( Yeah I ate so much I was back to where I started before I started Taekwando. Needless to say I gained a few over one weekend. :S

Yellowbelt BABY!!!!

So I tested for my yellowbelt on the 18th and I offically passed. I haven't got my belt yet but I will on Monday. Here are so pics from that night. Sorry if they are blurry. And my gee makes me look really fat!

Me using an arm lock after getting out of a headlock.

Heres me in my fighting stats.

Warming up with the class.Thats my master in the back.;)

Monday, March 16, 2009


Finally Ryan and I have got our own place to live here in Challis. I'm super excited about it and he is well... he couldn't care less. It isn't the fanciest of places but it will do for now till we find something else.
Ryan will just have to rool out of bed and he'll be at work so that will save on his gas.
We move in on the 1st and I can truely say that if I was going to get rejected one more time from somewhere I was going to cry.
We looked at another place and it was ours but the people that were living there till the 1st decided they didn't want to move anymore. Then we asked Ryan's boss about the place we got now and at first he said he didn't know what he was going to do with it. Then Ryan came back from lunch and said we could have the place just not to crash it or get grease everywhere, since Ryan is a mechanic.

So i'm thinking of cute things to do with it. I don't have alot to work with so I'll do the best I can I guess. The loveseat that it there though is uglier then hell. Ryan says it will work fine, it will but I want to cover it and he says no so we are already arguing over stuff and we haven't even started moving in yet!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sorry i'm behind

Sorry everyone i'm a little behind on my blogs. My dad's computer took a crap and I couldn't use for about two weeks.
Not much has been happening. I test for my yellowbelt this Wednesday so wish me luck. I should have some pics to post after that.
I don't have a digital camera anymore since my cats thought it be a good idead to push it their water dish. So i may be behind on those too.