Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Updating once again!

Nothing new has really gone on in ours life.

Over the 4th of July I had to work so that sucked. But both Ryan and I remembered that it had been a year since we lost our baby so we use the day to think of it.
I really want to try again but I think Ryan is scared it will happen again. i plan on going to a doctor and talking to them before we try and see if there is a reason they think for the 2 losses. Both times my Blood hormone Level was below average so maybe that means something. I also have been taking my prenatal vitamins since my last miscarriage so over a year. But Ryan is afraid also if we have a baby when we live here in Challis that we will for sure get stuck here. I tell it won't happen cause I do not want to be stuck here but he won't listen.

But we both have jobs now. He is still at Round Valley feed store and I did get the job at the store I was suppose to. There is just a lot of drama there. Starting to wish I never went there.

Ryan has been working on his old truck but it is kind of kicking his butt. The plan was for him to rebuild that and his Fairlane and we will save our money and move again but the way the truck has been going I think we maybe here for a while. :( I miss my freedom of having my own place. My parents get on me and Ryan for dumb things and I knew it would be like this if we moved back but Ryan said oh it should be better. It's not. My dad is getting on us for how we spend OUR money. I don't get on him what he does with his money. Yeah he does'nt like tattoos but if thats how Ryan and I want to spend our money tuff shit that is how we are going to spend ur money. We plan on getting tattoos for Ryan's birthday so we are saving our money for that being cheap skates and that is how my dad got on about not getting tattoos to save our money.
My doctor bills are so close to being done it is crazy! I have one payment left on one out of the 4 and one other one that has a payment and a half and than that one will be done. I could finish them off with a pay check but than I will be completely broke so I only have been paying the less I have to pay so we can still pay for gas and stuff.

We want to get a different vechicle since our 1 car we have between the 2 of us is going to crap. Once that happens we can make longer trips like to Salt Lake to see Mrs. Scallions!!!! It has almost been a year since we have seen her and we said we weren't going to wait that long again to see each other but it is our fault since it is our turn to go see her. It will happen though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But anyways I better get off here and actually get some work done. Just thought I would update on whats going on around this boring part of the world.