Saturday, October 27, 2012


Wow. I am so behind on this. Kind of hard thoughn when I don't have a good computer all the time. A lot has changed in the past year. We are still living in Challis with my parents. Well I should say I am since Ryan is in Georgia for Basic Training for the Army. Yup... he signed onto the Army. He is signed to be Special Forces but I guess the Army really doesn't want more people enlisted so if he is unable to make the Specail Forces selection they will either deploy him as early as April ( 8O ), just station him somewhere, or just cut him from the Army all together. I thought the last one was a little bit of a shock since he wuold be going thru 4 months of training but it is due to them not wanting more soliders. He has been gone for a month and 3 days. I miss him like crazy since this is the longest we have been away from each other.....EVER! Before now it had been 2 weeks at the most. It is hard to say though what our plans are for the future since really we have no idea due to having no idea what the Army will do with him. If he does make Specail Forces I do know we will be living in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Kind of excited if that happens but than again not excited about everything the Specail Forces is about. When he gets deployed somewhere I won't be able to know where he is going and won't know for how long. I don't like that. But as of right now he is just making his way thru Basic training and we will cross the bridge of deployments and everyhting when we get there. :)