Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bored and blogging

I'm actually super bored so I figured I would tell everyone my life story. Sorry if I bore the fuck out of you. You can always stop reading.

I was born in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I moved to Challis, Idaho when I was 6 months old. Lived here ever since. We moved cause my dad was trying to get a job at the mine here. He didn't get it so he worked at a mechanic shop instead.
My mom worked at a grocery store for a while then went on to babysit. So most of my life I had someone always around. My mom stopped babysitting when I was 14.

I have two older brothers. Doug and David. So goes to show you I got picked on a lot. I grew up a tomboy. Loved sports mainly soccer, baseball, and basketball when I was little. I stopped playing baseball once I got hit in the mouth with a pop fly when I was in the dug-out. I was sitting up on the bench so I could see better and in comes the ball. I lost four teeth in the whole ordeal and didn't play baseball again till I was in middle school.
I quit soccer due the fact that they really didn't have anything past elementary school.

I played basketball through middle school but quit due the fact I would never get played. I was good, not to be cocky, but in this town it all depends on what your last name is if you get played or not. My brother found out the same way through high school.

I always had a bad habit of my animals either dying or having to get rid of them. Our first dog I remember having was Honey. She lived till she was 14, the same time I was 14, and she started getting sick so we had to put her down. We also had another dog before named Digger. He became to big of a problem in our neighborhood so we got rid of him. We have a dog Buddy now. We have had him for a while though. We got him right before Honey was put down. I have had a few cats also.
My first cat was Blackie, he was black (very original i know). He lived almost to 1 but one day he acted really weird and walking like he was drunk or something and he didn't make it through the night. We never found out what happened.

Next I got Tigger. I found him at my dad's shop. His mom started being mean to him so we took him in. He lived a little past 1. I was gone for a track meet and when I got back he never showed up. It wasn't like him to stay out all night. The next day we were getting ready to go out of town when my mom saw him in our neighbor's driveway. He looked beat up so something must of got him.

A few weeks later, one of my brothers was coming home from Idaho Falls and he stopped at a rest stop and there was a box there. Inside the box was a little kitten so he brought it home. We took it in but soon regretted it. The cat turned out evil. My mom made me get rid of it so we gave it to my older brother's girlfriend. They named her Obi.

Then when Ryan moved in he brought his cat O'Malley and his brother's cat Apollo, along with his dog Cody.
Malley was one of those cats that would be gone for days on end. Apollo was just the opposite.
One day we called for them to come in. Malley showed up but Apollo never did. Around that time people were saying that coyotes have been coming close to town and cats have been missing. We put up signs but never saw Apollo again. A little while after that Malley went missing. We figured he was on his usual deal but after months of being gone we knew something happened.

We had Cody for a while, but when it came time for Ryan and I to move to Wyoming we gave Cody to Ryan's parents. Well while we were gone they sold Cody. Ryan was really upset cause Cody was his dog.

During the time we had Apollo and Malley, another cat showed up at our house. We took her in due to the fact she was the only cat our dog Buddy ever got along with. We called her Kirby. She was even 1 when she got pregnant with her first litter. She had 4 kittens. We planned on keeping 2. we named them( well more nicknamed them) Chubbs, Goop, Socks, and Shy Guy. Chubbs was the first born and the fattest hence her name. Goop had really guppy eyes when he was born so it stuck. Socks Ryan named cuz he followed Ryan everywhere, and Shy Guy was the shyest of the bunch. When Ryan and I moved my mom got rid of all of them.

Now I have 2 cats. Aries and Sassy. Aries I got from a lady in town who was getting rid of cats, and Sassy Ryan and I found along the highway near our house.

I started dating Ryan when I was 17 in our Junior year of high school. We dated for a year then he proposed to me. We have been engaged now for 2 years and have been together for 3. We moved to Laramie, Wyoming in July of '07. Ryan attended Wyo tech and I worked at a ice cream parlor called Cherries Ice Cream and Grill. We lived there for 9 to 10 month then moved back to Challis.

We live with my parents at the moment. I work at a deli in one of the local grocery stores and Ryan works at a local mechanic shop. He is in the process of fixing up a '67 Ford Fairlane that he bought off of Craig's List for $1900. Once that i finished we can actually move on with our lives.
We our set to get married on August 15th 2009. If it stays that way, who knows.

Anyways here are some pics of my life.

This is me my senior year at Homecoming.

Aren't I pretty?

This Ryan and me with Cody, right
after Ryan moved in.

This is Ryan and me when we started dating.

This my birthday cake Ryan made me when I turned 19.

And this is Ryan and me now.

Weddings Back ON!!

Well, the wedding is back on again. For the moment anyways.

Ryan and I are going to go talk to the preacher this Sunday. I guess after that Ryan can't really change his mind.

I have somethings planned but not near enough, and nothing is set in stone either.

Our colors will be white and clover. Its a Celtic Theme since Ryan is Irish.

I have a dress I want picked out. I haven't had a fitting or anything yet.

I believe we're getting married at the church.

I have a flower girl basket, ring pillow, and my garter picked out in our theme.

No clue who my flower girl or ring bearer will be but hey I have some time.

I have only a couple people who I want as my bridesmaids and my maid of honor well by then she will be matron of honor(that's if she still wants to be).

It is planned to be on August 15th.

It is going to be a really small wedding. Mainly family and close friends.
Reception wise I have no clue where it will be yet. It will probably be something small also.
If anyone can help me though on ideas for decorations, my flowers, centerpieces. anything really, please please let me know I'm not good with tuff like this.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

100 Things about me

I saw Cami had this on her blog and I figured I would take the challenge and see if I could write 100 things about me.

  1. I never act my age.

  2. Actually people don't even think I look my age. As sad as that is.

  3. But I believe in the future that will be in my benefit. So when I'm 40 I'll look 35!

  4. I'm happy with the love of my life.

  5. I have no clue if I'll ever get married though.

  6. I'm engaged though.

  7. I don't normally get along with my family.

  8. I don't have that many friends.

  9. The ones I do have not many of them live near me.

  10. I'm not responsible at all.

  11. I want to move so bad that no one knows the extant.

  12. I want to have a family really soon.

  13. I hate people who act like your friend and then they blow you off.

  14. That pisses me off more than anything.

  15. I have a few bad habits, like:

  16. biting my nails

  17. whining.

  18. being immature(but that could be so much fun too).

  19. I want to travel to many different places.

  20. I miss Cami more then words can describe.

  21. I want my own place so I can be free to do what I want.

  22. I have no clue what I will do with my future.

  23. I have no plans.

  24. I want to be a black belt in Taekwando more than anything.

  25. I hate my car.

  26. I can never save money.

  27. I hate my job.

  28. My favorite type of bear is a koala bear.

  29. My favorite wild animal is a raccoon.

  30. The type of dog I want is a Scottish Terrier or a Miniature Yorkie.

  31. Ryan wants a Bull Terrier and i secretly want one too.

  32. I Love Taekwando soooooooooo much.

  33. I'm running out of things to say.

  34. Out of my family my dad is the only one who kind of understands me.

  35. I'm afraid I will lose Ryan someday.

  36. All my friends from High School I feel like they were never my friends now.

  37. Meaning I feel like they use people. And just act like their your friend.

  38. Now they act like their better then you.

  39. I hate how people who don't deserve or want a baby can get pregnant no probably and the people who can't have them or have trouble can't.

  40. I don't like how people get stuff handed to them and don't work for it.

  41. I miss Wyoming just a little bit.

  42. I really miss my friends from there though.

  43. I'd be lost without Ryan.

  44. I'm worried that I'll never make something out of myself.

  45. My fear is life is to be left alone.

  46. I think babies are cute.

  47. That one was dumb everyone thinks babies are cute.

  48. lol. I like to laugh at myself sometimes.

  49. I absolutely love the Twilight Saga books.

  50. If only Edward was like real guys.

  51. I love to shop.

  52. But I don't shop expensive clothes.

  53. My favorite stores would have to be:

  54. Aeropastale

  55. Maurices

  56. Pac Sun

  57. I have no clue if those are spelled right.

  58. I'm a bad speller.

  59. I have one tattoo.

  60. I plan on getting more.

  61. I wish I knew how to fix cars.

  62. You would think I would know this.

  63. Since I grew up around it.

  64. And Ryan is a mechanic also.

  65. One of my nicknames is monkey.

  66. I actually have a lot of nicknames.

  67. Pooky Bear. Ryan gave me that one.

  68. Kit Kat. Had that one forever.

  69. Kirby. Amanda gave me that one.

  70. Chubby Pumkin. Ryan once again.

  71. Ryan gives me werid nicknames.

  72. Kathy Ann.

  73. Not really a nickname since its my real name.

  74. But i don't go by it.

  75. Got it at Cherries.

  76. I miss Cherries.

  77. That where I met all my best friends.

  78. Cami.

  79. Pat.

  80. Rocky.

  81. I only really talk to 2 of them though.

  82. Lately just one.

  83. I really want a race car of my own.

  84. I want to move to South Dakota sort of.

  85. But I'm scared of Tornadoes.

  86. I hate my life sometimes.

  87. really a lot of the time.

  88. The things I look forward to the most are:

  89. Pay day

  90. my wedding(hopefully)

  91. vacation

  92. having a family

  93. I excited to be an aunt

  94. even though I'll never see my nephew.

  95. I like watching baseball live but hate watching it on TV

  96. I love my hair short.

  97. My favorite flower is either a rose or a cherry blossom.

  98. I want a smart car or a newer bug for a car.

  99. I hate my name.

  100. I'M DONE

Happy V-Day!

Well today wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
I didn't think Ryan was going to get me anything due to the fact he told me he had no money.
Anyways, yesterday I gave him his present(I can never wait till the actual day). I bought him a model of a car that is close to his, a pack of mountain dew, and a card. I know doesn't seem like the best gifts in the world but if you knew Ryan you would completely understand.

So last night I get home, changed my clothes and I come out and he is standing there with his grin when you know he is up to something. His arm is behind his back and he whips it around and he has a dozen red roses in his hand.

Ryan has his moments when you just want to strangle him to death but then he always does something like this. And thats why I love him people.

I'm going crazy!!!!!!!!!

OK. I can't stand living with my parents anymore!
Yeah I don't have to pay as many bills and rent is cheap, but my mother is driving me up the fucking wall!
If I do anything wrong its "if you don't like it you can move." or "If you don't help out more your going have to move." But Ryan is ok to stay. I think thats a bunch of bull shit really. I'm there own child but they want me to move but my fiance is more then welcome to stay.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Hair Do

I just cut and dyed my hair today. Its a way new style for me and i love it! It isn't the best picture in the world but its all i have now.


Hey everyone! Just wanted to tell everyone about my taekwondo classes.

My classes are every Monday and Wednesday nights. At the moment I'm a 4th degree white belt. Yeah, I know that sounds like nothing special but I love this class. My other classmates achieved their yellow belts and the reason why I am not with them is I started the class later then they did, so I have to wait till the next testing comes around.

I do have to say I'm a pretty good kicker and thats my favorite thing to do, but there are way better people in that class then me.

Anyways I just wanted to tell everyone about it.

Updating everyone

Well life lately has been very......complicating to say at the least. Ryan is wanting to move and i'm completely fine with that. Its just kind of all of a sudden. This shouldn't surprise me cuz if you know Ryan at all you would know this is nothing out of the normal. As of right now, he wants to move to South Dakota if there is any jobs open there.

Wedding plans are something that are making things the hardest. One minute we're having a wedding the next we're going to the courthouse and getting married that way, or we'll wait a while longer. We haven't planned anything at all just cuz we have no clue what we're doing! The only thing I have bought is the flowers the flowergirl would throw.

I can't stand living with my family anymore either. Its not my whole family I can't stand just certain ones. I love my family I just can't live with them anymore. I'm going crazy!!!!