Wednesday, May 11, 2011

OMG I havent posted in a year!!!

Just looking at my blog I haven't posted anything for over a year! That's what i get for having an out dated computer that won't let you do Anyways update, Ryan and I have moved back to Challis, Idaho for a sure time. Hoping it is only going to be for the summer but we shall see. The reason for the move is to get our bills squared away and so Ryan and rebuild his Fairlane so if he wants to get in a hot rod shop he has a better chance with some experience.

So far he has a job at the local feed store and I was suppose to have a job once we got here at one of the grocery stores but I guess i can't get on there until June. So i have put in at some other places and waiting to hear anything.

Will be making a trip to Boise this weekend for Idaho's Largest Garage Sale with Ryan and my mom. Than on the 21st my mom and I are flying out to see my brother and his girlfriend in Portland. Get to take a tour of the Hospital there cause they are having a baby so we get to see where the kid will be popping out at. :)

I miss Boise just cause I had a choice of things to do, 24 hour gas stations, cheap shopping, and a job I liked. I also miss the sounds of the big airplanes flying over. I don't know why but I do.

Anyways i thought I better update something since it has been a while so I will try and be better.

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